5 Reasons Leaving a Car at the Airport Is a Terrible Idea

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With some airports charging as much as 60-dollars per day, parking at an airport can kill your bank account. Not only is it expensive, but there are other serious issues with leaving a car at the airport that you should be aware of when planning an extended trip.

You're not always going to have trouble when leaving your car at the airport, but there are other options. Keep reading to find out the potential downfalls of leaving your car.

leaving a car at the airport

1. It's Expensive

Some airports charge more than others, but regardless, leaving your car for more than one night, or even just one night in some cases, can become very pricey. That is money that can be better spent elsewhere.

It's a fraction of the cost to pay for a taxi or a limo. It's even cheaper to buy your friend a full tank of gas than to pay for parking. Business trips are a hassle already, you don't want more things to put on your expense report.

2. Safety Issues

While airports try to make their parking areas safe, they will never be completely problem-free. If you're traveling alone and arrive in the middle of the night, walking through a parking garage or lot is never fun.

Many garages have spaces without cameras, and it can be tricky to get cellular reception in them. Why risk encountering a dangerous stranger if you don't have to?

3. Vandalism

There are steps you can take to secure your car—more on that next—but there's not a lot you can do to stop people from vandalizing it. There's no rhyme or reason to it, but a car sitting in the same spot for several days is like a magnet for people who just love to destroy other people's property.

4. Theft

You can take every single valuable item out of your car, and it may still be broken into. If criminals see that your car has been sitting for a couple of days, they may decide to break into it and see if anything was left.

Your car itself can also be stolen. Car alarms work by alerting others to the crime, but this doesn't work as well in a parking garage. No matter what, your home is a safer place to leave your car.

5. No Spots Left

Airports try to have enough parking for everyone, but it doesn't always happen. If more people than normal decide to leave their car, you may show up for your flight and not have anywhere to park. If this happens, you're stuck with finding a last-minute solution.

This is especially true during popular travel times like holidays. During these hectic moments, it's already going to take a while to get through the airport. A smooth ride to the airport can reduce your travel-induced headache. 

The Dangers of Leaving a Car at the Airport

Unless you have no other option, it's much better to seek out alternatives to leaving a car at the airport. Why not treat yourself and take luxury transportation?

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