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Renting a luxury limo in Houston for family’s Christmas Lighting Tour of the town is the tradition of Houstonians. Z-Limo Rental Service takes the pride of promoting these values.

Finally, the Christmas, the most cheering event is about to begin, only few day left. It makes me recall some events of the past. One of them is that when we got reallocated to this wonderful city of Houston, it was the end of November. I don’t remember much happenings of that time since I was a little kid, that I have been told, but all that I remember is, our first event of at this new place, was the Christmas because we went out for the Christmas Lights Tour in this new city boarded in luxury limousine.

Another event which I remember is not that old, it’s of the previous year when few of my buddies and I thronged to the house of our very dear friends Abraham. I have correctly and willingly mentioned the word ‘throng’ because it was more than a surprise at least because eight pals visiting at night without even bothering to intimate about their visit is beyond surprising someone, its similar to shocking. My apologies Abraham for that, once again. Let me inform you here that we are going to the Limousine Christmas Lights Tour this year too, thanks for your patience and usual hospitality once again.

We visited Abraham to take him along to a Houston Christmas Lights Tour, which we did, but with a little twist. The twist popped up when my Dad’s favorite vintage sedan broke at the 11th hour, as usual. Well, that didn’t bother us much, we decided to continue with our plan at any cost.

We started contacting town cars in Houston but it seemed to be a wild goose chase, hence, we finally opted for limo rental and thanks to the Z-Limousine Rental Services in Houston who entertained our 11th-hour request and most prominently within our budget, quite amazing. Their chauffeur was also friendly enough and quite cooperative who drove us to the following to the following places:



Woodland Heights

Woodland Heights

This area is famous for Christmas lights. We got the off the limo and walked around to enjoy watching homes decorated with lights which seemed to be synced with the tone of artists performing in concerts around.



Central River Oaks

Central River Oaks Christmas light

That gentleman drove us through the neighborhood of River Oaks in Houston’s upscale. Watching giant oaks aesthetically decorated with lights seemed like a dream.



The Woodlands

The Woodland

It’s famous for being the must-see Christmas light destination in Houston and we found it to be true, at least the blogger. It’s an amazing 2 hours long light show that’s said to be featuring more than 40 songs simulcast.

The chauffeur kept on driving and guiding us to the next celebration junctions and further explored NORTH Christmas Ranch (Cleveland), Dearing Dazzle (Conroe) and Franck’s Christmas Light Show (Copperfield).

Many thanks to my friend Abraham for his hospitality, other pals for their amusing company, Chauffer Brad for his assistance and Z-Limo for their excellent service.