A Guide on Finding Cheap Transportation to and From the Houston Airport

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When you make plans for a big trip, it’s easy to forget all about the transportation costs to and from the airport. If you don’t plan in advance however, it can really set you back and you’ll have to say goodbye to the idea of cheap transportation.

Luckily, all of the world’s busiest airports offer affordable transportation options and that includes Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport too.

The busy airport welcomed over 40 million visitors in 2017, and rates as the country’s 15th busiest airport. It’s also one of United Airlines largest hubs.

If you’re heading to the large airport sometime soon, you might want to understand the transportation options so you can plan ahead and save some money.

Ready to learn which types of transportation will save you some cash? Read on.


First of all, it’s important to understand the five separate terminals of Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport so you can plan your transportation to and from the airport with ease.

These five separate terminals are labeled from A to E. While terminals A – D predominantly service domestic flights via the United States, terminal E is used largely for international trips. This can vary, however.

If you need to travel between the terminals before going through security, you’ll need to take the below-ground subway train. To travel from one terminal to the next, it takes about three minutes. A new train will come by often, about every few minutes.

If you’ve gone through security already, you can take the above-ground Skyway to travel between terminals. It’s faster than the subway and arrives more frequently, so it might be a better option to go through security first.

Getting to and From the City

As expected, the easiest and most straightforward way of getting to and from George Bush Intercontinental is by car. When there’s no traffic, the trip is an easy 25-minute drive from Houston’s downtown. However, if traveling during rush hour, you should leave an hour, just in case.

Don’t have a car or a pick-up? Don’t fret. There are plenty of affordable options if you need a cheap ride to the airport or vice versa.

1. Taxis

For ultimate ease, book a taxi in advance so you can get to the airport in time or if you’ve landed, so you can leave as soon as you’ve arrived and have collected your luggage. This avoids any hassle of having to find and book a taxi and it usually ends up being cheaper than hailing one at the airport.

cheap transportation

If you do want to find a taxi at the airport, however, vehicles are available at ground transportation on the south sides of terminals A to C. They are also found on the west side of Terminal E.

You shouldn’t have any issues finding them as exits are clearly marked with ‘taxis’. Lines move fairly quickly during the day and fares vary based on where your destination is.

2. Ride-Shares

If you need cheap transport to the airport or returning from it, ride-shares are a great option. There are several ride-share apps that run in Houston and they can be used to get to and from the airport. This means essentially you can split the price of a taxi with another person or group, slashing the price you’d usually pay on your own.

To find a ride-share leaving the airport through terminals A to C, follow the signs for ground transportation and taxis. In terminal E, you’ll need to follow the ground transportation signs until you come across the doors marked ‘Passengers Pick-Up’.

You can then find the ride-share pickup locations that are all marked with the sign ‘Ride App’.

However, ridesharing isn’t for everyone – if you prefer your own space, we’d recommend booking your own private taxi.

3. Public Transport

While Houston offers light-rail services, they don’t go to the airport, unfortunately.

However, for the cheapest way to get to the airport, there are still public transport options.

To take public transport when leaving the airport, the best idea is to take the METRO bus 102 to downtown.

Be prepared to sit on the bus for a while though – this journey will take between an hour and an hour and a half. So, always plan accordingly if you do decide to use public transport in Houston.

The benefits with this option though are that it’s cheap – you’ll only need to spare a mere $1.25 for the ride. The driver doesn’t hold change however, so make sure to bring the exact amount. Alternatively, you can purchase a Q fare card online ahead of your trip.

To find the METRO bus 102, head to the baggage claim level on the south side of terminal C.

4. Shuttle Services

Shuttle services are bus services designed specifically for transport to and from the airport, so they’re different from normal public bus routes.

While it isn’t the fasted method of transport, you can get one direct from the city right up to your terminal, so it’s a convenient option.

Remember that these services are shared with other passengers, so like when catching public transport remember to leave ample time for your journey.

Ready to Book Your Cheap Transportation?

If you’re looking to book reasonable and cheap transportation that will take you to and from Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport in comfort and ease, then booking a taxi in advance is the best option.

That’s where we come in to help. For a quote or to make a booking, get in contact with us or fill out our reservation form. We can guarantee a safe arrival at the airport or a trip to the city with complete ease!