7 Tips to Use When Hiring a Limo Service in Houston

Submitted by Nancy on Wed, 08/16/2017 - 04:36

Are you searching for the best Limo Service Houston? When selecting the best limo service, many people find it a challenge. The reason is that there are many cars and companies to choose. These businesses also have different limo packages and quotes, which means that you need to have the right tips when selecting them. Bear in mind that you need to hire the right service on your big occasion, for example, your wedding or a corporate function. This post gives you 7 factors to consider when hiring limo services in Houston.

Limo Service Houston

Online Reviews and References

One important tip to use when looking for the best limo service in Houston is to ensure you read their online reviews. It will enable you to read or hear from previous customers how they found the limo service. Another way is to ask for the company to provide you with a database of their past clients, which enables you to get a non-biased insight of the business's services.
Remember that satisfied customers in most cases write positive reviews. The same situation applies to clients who weren’t impressed with a company's services.

Limo Service Reviews

Experience in the Limo Business

Another factor to consider is their years of expertise in the limo business. The reason is that coordinating a successful limo ride requires lots of experience and coordination. For your function to be successful, the company needs to ensure that the trip runs smoothly.
It means that you need to hire a company with extensive experience in the transportation industry. If you want to deal with a new business, make sure you ask about their staff's experience.


Price matters when it comes to hiring limo services. That’s because limousine businesses can at times add fees on top of their base charges. For instance, you'll find administration fees, fuel surcharges, gratuity and toll for the chauffeur.
The result is that your total charge may rise by as much as 30%. It means that you need to ask if the initial total price is all inclusive. Keep in mind that failure to do this may result in payment disputes.


Make sure that you ask about the safety record of the limo company you're hiring. The best way is to ask for proof of valid certification. That’s because you need to ensure that the company's fleet has liability insurance and if their chauffeurs are professionally trained.
Remember that you're hiring the vehicle for an important occasion, which means that you also need to ensure you're safe and traffic regulations are met.


Another way of finding the best limousine service in Houston is to ask for referrals from friends, colleagues or relatives. That’s because they may have used a service and were impressed by what they got. As with any other business, you need to ensure that you try your best to find honest references, which in this case should be from people you know.


The best limo services have several choices of vehicles that you can choose. For instance, they have party buses, stretch SUVs and stretch limos. Keep in mind that the average fleet size of the best limo company should be five.
It will ensure that they have backup options if your limo breaks down as a result of mechanical issues or unfortunate events. Smaller companies may promise you personalized service; the downside is that they may not have backup plans or will have fewer choices for you to choose.

Check the Limo in Person

If you're hiring a limo for a major event, for example, a prom or wedding, make sure that you check in person the vehicle you're renting. That’s because you don’t want an old limo or a tired and worn our bus to pick you on your big day. Online pictures limo pictures may look appealing, but you need to ensure that the transportation you're paying for is what you'll get.


Hiring the best limo rental in Houston should be an easy task using the above 7 tips. Remember to ask for references and testimonials from previous clients and read the limo service’s online reviews. Don’t forget to ask if the limo quote is all inclusive. You should also ensure that you hire a company that employs team members, for example, chauffeurs, who are well groomed.